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HXEROS Showdown!

Due to the law passed by the new governor, Anno is arrested, and HXEROS is forced to disband temporarily. The Saitama Branch members have been working as heroes on their own, and they suspect that a Kiseichuu is masquerading as a human to take the position of governor. Chacha has the ability to tell whether or not a Kiseichuu has transformed itself, so she pretends to be a delivery person to investigate the identity of the governor. When Chacha rings the doorbell, the governor opens the door, but for some reason Chacha enters the residence. Retto and the team suspect that something is wrong and follow Chacha into the house, but they discover that…

Sep. 25, 2020

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Uskoro stiže nova tema,aplikacija,još 100 anime-a (Ukupno 600) i 4+ plejera na svakom Anime-u ! 01.01.2021