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Magi: 2x21

Kandidat za Kralja

Deep into the undergrounds of the 5th district, Mogamett takes control of a large mass of Black Rukh stored there after falling into depravity to deal with the invading forces, just as the Kou army, led by Kouha charges forward. Kouha’s forces are repelled by three huge Dark Djinns summoned by Mogamett. Despite fully equipping his Djinn Leraje, Kouha fights to the exhuastion because the monsters keep regenerating and urges his forces to retreat, but the soldiers refuse to comply out of their loyalty to him. It is then revealed that Leraje had chose Kouha as its master because the members of his household come from outcasts and disgraced clans who were accepted by him with no prejudice at all, leading to their unyielding devotion to him. However, just as Kouha is about to be defeated, Alibaba, fully equipping Amon, appears to drive the Dark Djins away. When attacked by a bigger number of Dark Djinns, Alibaba decides to bring out his extreme magic to destroy them for good, but just before he could do it, the monsters are vanquished by the forces of Kouen, who appears to help his brother.

Magi Sezona 2 Epizoda 21
Mar. 02, 2013

(6) Komentara

  • VukFebruary 5, 2021Odgovori

    Jedva čekam nove epizode!!! Prevodi samo polako

    • boringlifeeFebruary 5, 2021Odgovori

      Od 22. epizode počinje da bude dosta dobro. U svakom slučaju, nova epizoda će najverovatnije izaći sledeće nedelje 😀

  • Darko ZakanjFebruary 6, 2021Odgovori

    Super anime..jedino sam kod vas naso drugu sezonu,super ste sajt.

    • boringlifeeFebruary 6, 2021Odgovori

      Do kraja meseca planiram da je prevedem do kraja 😀

  • VukFebruary 6, 2021Odgovori

    Jedva čekam nove epizode!!!

    • boringlifeeFebruary 6, 2021Odgovori

      Biće, biće.

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