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KissXsis: 1x1

Wonderful Days

Keita Suminoe has a problem with his twin step-sisters, Ako and Riko, being overly romantic towards him. However, he wants to attend the same high school as them, so is uncertain on what to do when he has to attend a parent teacher session involving him turning down a recommendation. When Ako and Riko find his notice letter whilst looking in his room, they go over to his school, only to be chased by several of their old admirers. Keita stops everyone and tells his sisters off for bothering him, but when he realizes why they came, he catches up with them and apologizes.

KissXsis 1
Apr. 05, 2010

(5) Komentara

  • BruhAugust 28, 2020Odgovori

    Kad ce sledeca epizoda?

    • rajchoAugust 28, 2020Odgovori

      Kroz par dana.

  • JSeptember 6, 2020Odgovori

    Kad ce nove epizode

    • Nikola JovicicSeptember 6, 2020Odgovori

      Upravo se uploada epizoda 2 🙂

  • LenaOctober 4, 2020Odgovori

    Kada ce 3 epizoda

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