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Hyouka: 1x20

Sappy New Year

Houtarou is awoken by a call from Eru, asking if he would accompany her to the Arekusu Shrine for New Years Eve, mentioning that Satoshi and Mayaka would be there and that she planned on showing off her kimono. When the two arrive at the shrine, Eru offers Kaho Juumonji a gift from her father, during which Eru and Kaho tease Houtarou for his awkwardness. Mayaka, working at the lost and found station, gives Eru and Houtarou fortunes; Eru is elated by her extremely positive fortune, but is more interested in Houtarou’s rare “Misfortune” draw. Mayaka tells them that Satoshi went home for a while to watch a drama (which Houtarou had watched earlier in the day). Eru and Houtarou volunteer to retrieve sake lees from the shrine warehouse, but the pair mistakenly search a shed instead and are locked in from the outside. Since she’s representing her father and the regulars at the shrine would recognize her, Eru requests that Houtarou not call for help, as the wrong person could get the wrong idea from their situation. Braving the cold, Houtarou works out a way to get Mayaka’s attention: They drop Eru’s handkerchief out of the shed, in hopes that it’ll reach Mayaka at her station. It does reach her, but Mayaka is distracted by Satoshi’s return. Remembering that Satoshi had watched the same drama he had, Houtarou throws out Eru’s purse. Mayaka recognizes it and shows Satoshi, who immediately spots the string that Houtarou had tied around it – a signal from the drama that its “contents are trapped”. Satoshi rushes to the shed and rescues Eru and the freezing Houtarou, but not before Eru lets out a sneeze, having been left out in the cold for too long.

Hyouka: 20
Sep. 03, 2012

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