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Hyouka: 1x16

The Last Target

Houtarou’s sister Tomoe visits the school culture festival, and after purchasing an anthology from her brother, trades her copy of Yube ni wa Mukuro ni for the mirror he had obtained earlier. When Eru sees the manga, she cannot help but notice the similarity of its art to one of the posters in the halls. Eru meets Mayaka afterwards, who confirms that the manga and poster’s artist are one and the same. Both curious as to who the artist is, they eventually learn that it is none other than the student council president – Kugayama Muneyoshi. The four Classics Club members meet back up briefly to discuss their findings, before Houtarou decides to speak with Satoshi privately about his new suspicions. Reviewing the previous events and facts, Houtarou further suggests that the current happenings, mimicking the events in Christie’s ABC murders, were actually announced in Yube ni wa Mukuro ni.

Hyouka: 16
Aug. 06, 2012

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